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[GTA SA] Jeśli zjemy zbyt wiele posiłków w restauracji, CJ poczuje się źle i zwróci wszystko na podłogę.

Forum - Pozostałe części GTA - GTA 2 beta.

Gas Kieszonkowiec OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Wyczytałem kilka ciekawych faktów o wersji beta tej gry.

Dla ciekawych wspomnę, że w Downtown miały być jeszcze 4 dzielnice. Jedną misję dla Redneck usunięto bądź zmieniono. Miały być też ławeczki czy możliwość rozerwania ciała przechodniów (prawdopodobnie poprzez interakcję z bombą samochodową). Ale najbardziej interesuje mnie to, że w tej grze miały być jeszcze dwa gangi. Pierwszy to gang o nazwie Cosmo złożony z samych kobiet, który miał się zajmować dystrybucją narkotyków i prostytucją. Liderką gangu miała być kobieta imieniem Sticky pochodząca ze Skandynawii. Drugim gangiem miał być gang o nazwie Usis, który miał się zajmować terroryzmem. Liderami tego gangu mieli być bracia Ossie, Cosmo i Scotty, a pojazdem tego gangu miał być prawdopodobnie jakiś van. Niestety na tym kończy się to co o nich wiem. I teraz mam kilka pytań dla osób być może lepiej zorientowanych w tym temacie.
Po pierwsze czy ktoś się orientuje w jakim dystrykcie miały być te dwa gangi (zakładam, że musiał być jakiś 4 z Zaibatsu tradycyjnie i z tymi dwoma) ?
Po drugie czy nie orientuje się ktoś jakimi pojazdami się te gangi poruszały, jakich używały broni i jak miałyby się zwracać do Claude'a ?
Po trzecie w jakich ubraniach miały te gangi chodzić (kolor) i jakie miały być ich oznaczenia (te przy respekcie) ?
No i w końcu czy można gdzieś zobaczyć jak mieli wyglądać ich przywódcy albo czy można ściągnąć skądś tę wersję beta w postaci np. modu ?
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Lizak Ochroniarz OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Przeglądając pliki gry nie zauważyłem pozostałości po postaciach. Jedynie twarz policjanta, która bodajże miała mieć takie zastosowanie jak w GTA 1.
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Tommygun2 Ochroniarz OFFLINE Czytelnik
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A gdzie to znalazłeś?
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Gas Kieszonkowiec OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Zdaje się, że te informacje są tylko po polsku i po holendersku bo nigdzie indziej tego nie znalazłem.

Dodane: Styczeń 07, 2014, 23:49:29

Tekst ze źródła dotyczącego gangu Cosmo:



A neglected starlet of the all too temporary fashion world, Sticky came to prominence with unnaturally drawn out features and crowd stopping looks. Fame was short lived for the nubile Scandinavian as an unscrupulous agent, a drug addled photographer and a few tabloid editors plotted her untimely demise. The rise up shone with promise, but the road down from the heady heights of magazine covers and glitzy parties was steep and strewn with the washed up waste of humanity. Forced by a crippling drug habit into prostitution and pornographic films, Sticky ended up at the bottom of the heap.

"...they mix tactical expertise, stunning firepower, and disarming charm..."
Clawing herself up, she realised the path was littered with similar casualties and she pulled together the now infamous Cosmo. Embittered by the disposable nature of the Fashion world, Cosmo have long targeted wealthy fashion houses and manipulating publicists as the root of all evil. Catching young girls, on freefall out of favour the Cosmo ranks have swollen.

The core ideals of solidarity and loyalty have made the Cosmo one of the toughest gangs on the street. Always ready for a pitched battle they mix tactical expertise, stunning firepower and disarming charm which has seen many a potential enemy pumped full of chemicals and left for the cold turkeys. The gang is still structured around Sticky, but her Heroin addiction has only worsened over the years and she stays inside their Hotel de Glam nerve centre.

Number one protege is Cat Lichen, a six foot plus orphan who was barely out of school in the Czech republic when the flashes popped and nostrils sucked. She heads up the main Cosmo task force eradicating the forces behind pornography, prostitution and Haute Couture with some decidedly strong arm tactics. Particularly keen to halt the exploitation of women by the Russian Mafia and the Krishna, who want to trade in people like meat. This may be the reason Cat Lichen has a propensity for leaving male victims bleeding with a meat hook in the balls

.Never to be underestimated, her powers of seduction have left judges, politicians and top ranking gang members with uncharacteristically high voices. She is aided by three super-hot gun toting kittens; Trice Sel, Saul Paint and Sonia Afrique. Each heads their own unit and the structure of Cosmo is very close to a Guerilla army, fast and deadly with a lot of style.

"...Cat Lichen has a propensity for leaving male victims bleeding with a meat hook in the balls."
Trice Sel is the anomaly within the gang as she by-passed the circuitous modelling and hit the drugs and casual sex big style straight off. In and out of U.S. detention centres as a child, her marble pallor and mathematical bone structure had model agencies and fashion houses screaming to get her out of court and onto billboards. A "take the money and run" philosophy served her well although it is widely known that a huge bounty has been placed on her head by the embarrassed string pullers of the clothing cartels.

Typically Trice controls the movement of drugs and sex within the gang territory. The drugs are both sold for profit and stockpiled to feed the vociferous addictions of all the gang members. She is vital to the survival of the gang, as it is widely recognised that whoever controls the supply controls the gang. Trice, for this reason has close contact with the ailing Sticky, and sequesters the top gang foot soldiers like Petra Jelly and Amy Violet for her operations.

Sonia Afrique left a happy family home in La Rochelle for the bright lights of Paris. After an incredibly successful run of automobile commercials and endless fashion shoots her instantly recognisable face became her downfall. Threatened with plastic surgery and ionic bone sculpture she fled her native France shunning the expected mantle of Uber model.

"No one takes more pleasure than Sonia in the permanent removal of an 'innocent' civilian..."
Hunted by cloaked figures from her corporation controlled past, she fell in with the Cosmo, who kidnapped her from a Zaibatsu funded prostitution ring. Cars will still regularly crash as she walks down the street, much to the amusement, of the now car hating, bombshell. Her status does mean lead to benefits as her main task in the Cosmo is the theft of vehicles for gang use. No one takes more pleasure than Sonia in the permanent removal of an "innocent" citizen from their four wheels. She works alone but could often use some help.

Saul Paint was born in Japan of mixed parentage creating a look which fell into Vogue for about twenty four hours. Modelled for countless computer graphic templates, her unnatural looks were soon superseded by aesthetically improved animation at the hands of rapidly expanding technology. Her existence was kept secret by conglomerates keen to sell a perfect female image, more beautiful than nature and unattainable by man.

Her family was abducted by the ever expanding Krishna cult and the Zaibatsu corporation expressed an interest in merging her body, with enhanced live eural tissue, ready for implantation. A deluded programmer, desperately in love with the shimmering Saul, enabled her to escape. An explosion at his apartment left him in pieces and Saul with a number of wounds to lick. Hopelessly addicted to the Zaibatsu drugs she was fed under duress. Saul see's the only form of defence as attack, and as such often leads bombing campaigns against rival gangs or fashion stores with little mercy. She is proud of any haul of guns, but prefers her super accurate snipers rifle for the really big kills.

Ja wywnioskowałem tyle, że ich liderka Sticky jest uzależniona od narkotyków, a także wiele innych dziewczyn jest uzależnione od heroiny. Sticky była skandynawską modelką, która stoczyła się na dno i zaczęła uprawiać prostytucje, brać narkotyki i występować w filmach pornograficznych. Jeżeli ktoś by wyczytał coś więcej to niech coś napisze. A teraz o Usis:


The Usis

Gang Members

OssieLeader (never seen)
Three brothers by the names of Ossie, Cosmo and Scotty were brought up in a middle class suburb of Melbourne. They're wasted Greek father Mikos and portly Italian mother Sophia expected them to take over the family plastering business, but they had revolution on their minds.

The History
A change of name from Georgoussopoulos to Usi, and a change of clothes from surf gear to white Arabian costume, met with familiar Australian merriment. Keen to banish all western influences and lead a life of political struggle mirroring the great religious fundamentalists, they moved to Sydney. On arrival they found a moral wasteground of Kitchen duties and Body boarding.

"Struggling to find an ideal worth fighting for, the brothers eventually got drunk and made one up."
Stifled in their attempts to create an idea to follow all three packed up the Combi and headed west to the east, for a touch of spiritual enlightenment, and the hope of some violence. First stop was Afghanistan, perfect for combat, complex religions and no hope of knowing for whom or what they were fighting.

Characters' History
The barren mountains of Guerilla Afghanistan were to be a proving ground, to test if they could survive the harsh military training of the world's best fundamental terrorists. They caused countless fatalities to there own side, bombing the wrong people and breaking scarce weapons. Scotty, the youngest Usi brother was accused of deflowering the chief's daughter. Cosmo ate a months rations for a bet and finally Ossie accidentally blew up a herd of camels and made the camp a target for U.S. cruise missiles.

With hostility from all sides the Usi's shunned the Afghan life and drove the ailing Volkswagen further west, attempting to pick up work on the way. They're reputation preceded them, the combination of dodgy Aussie-Arab accents and conspicuous white garments led them to be targets in their adopted land.

The Gang's Agenda (Anarchy)
Struggling to find an ideal worth fighting for, the brothers eventually got drunk and made one up. The Peoples struggle for Pi, was born out of the adulation of other fundamentalist organisations who believed in something which the brothers found to difficult to understand. On the premise that other terrorists needn't understand their philosophies, the ethereal world of Pi was born.

Anarchy was the only solution, and maybe the cover of "Time" magazine would be nice. Dreams of aircraft hi-jacks and high profile kidnaps kept them going through the lean years, until a job came up in Iraq. Proud to this day of their accomplishment, the brothers were to be the envy of every international terrorist organisation.

Where it started to unravel
The Iraqi leader had a taste for fine cigars, J. B. rare and western blood. The brothers were commissioned to satiate the first two needs with a reconnaissance mission to Kuwait for the necessary duty free's. One thing led to another and the Usi's kidnapped a female member of the Kuwaiti royal family. Over the space of about three hours Ossie became romantically involved with Umbilica, and they decided to marry. With the authorities on their tails a diversion was needed, and Cosmo quickly rigged explosives to a local desalination plant.

The plant turned out to be a central oil refinery and the resulting explosions caused the world to peer down on three wannabe Arabs who couldn't pronounce Mohammad. The leader never forgot about the lost cigars and whisky, but the Usi's escaped in the melee. Deciding that an urban stronghold would enhance their chances of causing real tyranny they settled in a derelict night-club with their sense of irony lost forever.

"Scotty has become ever more ferverent in the search for avenues of mindless violence. "
No real workable publicity for the furore in the gulf, they embarked on a reign of terror, which stuttered, as the authorities never failed to spot their glowing white robes. Help has been thin on the ground as no one appears to be keen to join a religiously fundamental organisation, with very little in the way of even fundamental principles. Cosmo has improved his explosives skills with regular access to the internet.

He still refuses to touch food stores, bars or restaurants claiming they serve food and are gods will. His weight problem has also been exacerbated by the exposure to fattening Zaibatsu products and he has regularly veered from the peasant way.

Character Traits
Scotty has become ever more ferverent in the search for avenues of mindless violence. This has been put down to the unknown punishment meted out to the young chap in Afghanistan, and his inability to get laid since. The trademark sub machine gun also helps him hit some of the larger targets. Aim is a complex conundrum for the cross-eyed who refuse to wear glasses.

Ossie and the child factory that is Umbilica are rarely seen. He claims to be writing the definitive text, but Scotty has his suspicions that Ossie is shirking Pi responsibilities to shag the Kuwaiti beauty. In his place a new recruit has been found in an Australian cousin by the name of Gerald.

An excellent plasterer from Australia with a pending conviction for car theft, he soon got into the lifestyle. Failing to understand the principle that all capitalist western ideas were evil, he just enjoyed driving the old combi fast. Stealing cars was always much more fun than plastering, and he's now doing it for a reason, which he didn't quite get.

Where we are today
High on the list of Usi activities, are anarchy and just about anything that will cause it. The help of a free radical may help as to date they have had few successes. Gerald has been in and out of jail. Cosmo has lost all his body hair and his sense of smell during a foolhardy juggling trick with carrier bags of Ammonia.

Ossie has been charged with kerb crawling, which he claims to be a test of the imperial court system. Scotty has only stop shooting things when he has run out of bullets and has made himself an enemy of just about everyone in the city. The strict tenets of clothing are adhered to by everyone except the rarely seen, regularly pregnant Umbilica who prefers garish Australian bikini's.

"A strict diet of meat pies and refrigerated beer is also an inherent part of the teachings."
The Usi detest everything western apart from guns and explosives and some drugs because they are very good, but nothing else. Well Australian rock anthems are obviously allowed, because who could live without them. A strict diet of meat pies (Hence the name) and refrigerated beer is also an inherent part of the teachings. A weakness, Cosmo noticed with other fundamental organisations, a tendency to fast or eat picky vegetarian food.

Anarchy on an empty stomach is a mugs game, and I'll tell you this, these dingo's don't have rocks for brains!

Fitzroy, Bondi Heights, Blacktown, Grog park, Pi town, Ute-ville, Barbi-Shrimp, Shrine to Pi, Bungle Bungle, Dingo, Wagga Wagga, Moonee Ponds, Blue Heal Lodge, St Kildya.

Abdulo, Arathin, Cairo, Signy, Bruce, Jurge

1. Hi-jack the pie lorry or beer lorry.
2. Help steal weapons and explosives.
3. Help assasinate people.
4. Help plant bombs on enemy gang turf.
5. Steal rival gang members to teach.
6. Clean up after Scotty, kill anyone left.
7. Drives cars for Gerald when he has stolen ones he can't drive.
8. Steal combi copies for posterity.
9. Steal nappies for Umbilica.
10. Kidnap prostitutes for Ossie.

O The Usis wywnioskowałem natomiast, że pochodzą oni z Australii i są synami greka i włoszki. Najpierw byli islamskimi fundamentalistami i podróżowali po Afganistanie, Iraku i Kuwejcie. W końcu jednak postawili na anarchię. Zajmują się terroryzmem i chodzą w białych arabskich strojach.

Domyślić się zatem można, że symbolem The Usis mógłby być albo półksiężyc albo symbol anarchistów. Natomiast gangu Cosmo być może symbol planety Wenus, który jest także symbolem płci żeńskiej. Co do barwy strojów w jakich mogłyby chodzić to nie wiadomo, ale kobiety lubią róż więc może w różowych wdziankach. No ale to są tylko domysły. Nadal też nie wiem w jakim dystrykcie mogłyby się te gangi znajdywać. Przy informacji o Cosmo jest wzmianka o trzech czyli Zaibatsu, Here Krishna i Russian Mafia, natomiast przy gangu The Usis jest tylko wspomniane Zaibatsu. Możliwe jest zatem, że Cosmo mieliby być w Industrial a co do Usis to nie wiadomo, może w jakimś zupełnie innym dystrykcie, gdyż są wymienione jakieś dzielnice na końcu, których z trzech poprzednich nie kojarzę. No ale to też tylko moje domysły.
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Tommygun - odpaliłem pliki .sty w StyEd. Są tam nawet pozostałości broni z GTA1 i twarze z pasku respektu z bety 2.

Gas - szczerze mówiąc to jestem zaskoczony.
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Gas Kieszonkowiec OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Zaskoczenie równe temu jakbym komuś powiedział, że w święta Kevina nie będzie ?  LOL Spoko sam myślałem, że o GTA 2 wiem już wszystko. Już dawno wiedziałem o tym, że w GTA 2 miała być ta pałka elektroniczna dla policji, która spowalniała gracza i ta bomba samochodowa eksplodująca natychmiast, ale o pozostałych rzeczach a zwłaszcza o gangach to nie wiedziałem nic. Fajnie by było to dać jako ciekawostkę na stronę główną w październiku bo będzie 15-lecie dwójki.
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Barthez2k Nowicjusz OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Jeszcze miała być jedna broń zwana Microwave. Nie wiadomo jakie miała mieć zastosowanie, ale ja myślę że coś z promieniowaniem.Co do umiejscowienia gangów: Myślę że w becie Zaibatsu miało występować tylko w jednej dzielnicy a dwóch kolejnych Cosmo i Usis.
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browar25 Kierowca OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Jeśli Microwave to raczej powinna smażyć przeciwników, coś ale soldier of fortune 1.
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Barthez2k Nowicjusz OFFLINE Czytelnik
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Szkoda że nie ma beta-moda... :(
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